Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Review: Pretty Little Things by Teresa Mummert

4.5 Stars

I was young enough not to understand that my life was different. Colin became the one person that I could count on to protect me. He suffered for the both of us by carrying the burden of our secret. 

We were the lucky few that got a chance to start over. A fake family, a new home and a pretty little life built on lies. But while our lives continued to intertwine, we were put on very different paths. Now it was only a matter of time before they collide and the beast behind the beauty is exposed.



   My Thoughts: I have been following Teresa Mummert's work for quite a while now. I am a huge fan, and I have been slowly working my way through all of her books. Watching her posts (via facebook) on this particular book coming together was actually pretty fun. It was pretty much love at first cover sighting. It is beautiful to say the least but you just KNOW it is hiding a dark secret deep within its pages.

   I started this book with pretty high expectations and I was not disappointed. It was well and beautifully written. I could tell right from the start that Colin was going to be that "anti-hero" type of character that I enjoy from time to time, but I could also see a vulnerability to him as well. Annie is an innocent, that is pretty clear from the very beginning but she is by no means "soft". She can push every single button Colin has without even speaking a single word.

  The multiple POV in this book gives it just the right amount of depth and dimension without making you feel bombarded with excess story-line. You feel the dark, twisted, and maybe even forbidden aspect of this story page after page and no matter how much you think maybe this shouldn't happen, you can't help but bite your nails in anticipation. 


  I love when a book gives me the butterfly tummy and so far, Teresa Mummert has not failed me there. I look forward to reading more from her in the future. And I would recommend her to anyone who likes a quick read with tantalizing story lines.

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