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Hello authors and personal assistants! I wanted to take a quick second to introduce myself and inform you all of my tour policy.

My name is Selena and I am one of 4 admins/bloggers for PLR. You will recognize my posts signed by ~S. I am the primary poster here on the actual blog, the other girls prefer the facebook platform. I use blogger mostly for posting my reviews, however, I have decided to once again begin doing some blog tour/cover reveals/release day blitzes. I did these on my old blog before joining up with my girls and creating PLR. I enjoyed them and I discovered some really cool authors along the way. I truly look forward to working with you all.

Now, just a quick note. I know that organizing a tour can be stressful and time consuming, there are multiple names and email addresses you have to contend with as well as a deadline. That being said I want to let you all know my policies before sending me a tour request. (At this time I will be the only one posting these type of posts.)

  1. I will only post one tour per day. If I already have a tour scheduled for your requested day I will have to respectfully decline. (See event schedule)
  2. If I have signed up for your tour, you need to send me all information at least 48 hours in advance. If I have not received it within 48 hours of your scheduled post I can not guarantee having it up on that day. 
  3. I will only use HTML if the author specifically requests that I do so. I  like my posts to have a little bit of me in them. I always stick to what the author wants posted but I like to have control over how it looks on our blog.
  4. I rarely do review posts for a tour. If reviewing is mandatory for your book, chances are I will not sign up. I (usually) only do review tours for authors that I am familiar with and whose work I enjoy. However, sometimes I do get a request for a book that strikes my interest and I will chose to review it. 
  5. If I can't rate your book with 3 Stars or better, I will give you the option to request I not post it. It happens, a book catches your eye and you decide to read for review, only to be widely disappointed. My policy is that if an author gifts me a book for review then I gift them the option of me not posting said review. (This does not include my star rating on goodreads.)

Thank you again for stopping by.


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