Monday, March 24, 2014

Review: Enduring Service by Regina Morris

4 Stars

Colony Agent Sulie Metcalf, the President’s private physician, has been in love with the same human man for nearly thirty years. She refuses to allow herself the joy of true love because her feelings are unrequited by her human boss, Jonathan Dixon. As Dixon’s retirement looms near, and his memories of Sulie and the last thirty years of his life are about to be erased, does she confront her fear of intimacy and take a leap of faith before it’s too late? Dixon has decided to retire and enjoy what time he has left. When his best friend Sulie, a vampire team member, is kidnapped during a medical emergency, Dixon realizes that retirement means giving up everything, and everyone, he’s known for the last three decades. Will he risk his life, and his heart, to save her?

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My Thoughts; I had the privilege of meeting this author sometime ago. The Colony series was in it's early days and I was honored to be contacted for review. I read book one and immediately fell in love with this cast of characters Regina Morris had created. 

When I began the series, I think I was most curious to see how Sulie's story would turn out. It was clear from the very beginning that she was in love with Dixon. You could also see that Dixon was quite fond of her in return but the "love" Sulie had for him was slipping through her fingertips as his retirement draws closer and her days with him are numbered. 

There is so much that happens just on the personal side for these characters but when you add in the story line and conflicts along the way you are met with a spectacular balance. From the "Happily Ever After" we want in the end, to the rush and adrenaline we all crave as we get there. We see so many details from the past coming into play and with each revelation you can't help but want more. There is one character in particular that I believe we will be seeing in the future books but only time will tell.. 

Regina Morris is not only an excellent story teller she is also a delight to work with. I had the privileged of being part of the editing process for this book and I can not begin to tell you how honored I was to know she trusted me with Sulie and Dixon. Thank you so much Regina and best of luck on their release.

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