Thursday, August 15, 2013


  I want to wish a warm welcome to all of our new followers on Facebook. Also, all of our posts here will automatically post to our Facebook page so there is no need to follow both unless you choose too.

   This page is still a little rough at the moment, but this is what we have so far. At the top you will see;

  • Blog Home (which is this page) - Clicking it will take you to our home page where you will see the most recent post as well as the blog archive at the bottom of the page. 

  • Facebook Home - clicking this will take you straight to our Facebook page. If you are new to our page feel free to like us on Facebook to stay up to date on out author spotlights, as well as out reader discussions.

  • Spotlight Questionnaire - is for all authors who are interested in signing up to be featured here. Just fill out the form and we will get back to you ASAP.

  • Upcoming Events - is where you will find our scheduled Spotlights as well as any other page events.

   We are in the scheduling phase for several authors and hope to have our first post up within a week or so. We look forward to meeting new authors as well as introducing them to you all. We are also very excited to meet new people that share the same love of reading that we do. If you have any suggestions or requests please feel free to comment here or on the Facebook thread and tell us what you think. 


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