Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Discussion time......

   Ok, so I have known about this book since before it's release and I am going to have to say that EVERYONE I know who has read it LOVES it! However, I have yet to pick it up.

   Why you ask?? 

   That would be because I have also seen it listed on more that one "If you need a good cry" type lists. So I resigned myself to read another day.

   Now don't get me wrong because I love a good sob-fest like the next person, but I just can't bring myself to read this yet. My point?? Well it came to my attention last night that this book is being made into a movie. (I am sure this isn't NEW news, but for me it was)

   So now my dilemma is..... Read the book THEN see the movie? Or Just see the movie and make a total fool of myself in the theatre?? Yes, I am that girl... the one in the back who brought a package of tissues to the final HP film. So to be prepared or not to be prepared???

Now that I have all of that nonsense out of the way, let's discuss this book.

 Have you read it?
Are you also putting it off like I am?

If you have read it try not to post spoilers for those who haven't.

(we will keep the discussion on the FB page)

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