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Review: Ascendant, The Cuspian Saga Book Two by DC Hall

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5 Stars

Fraternal twins Kendal and Kennedi Myles are desperate for their broken lives to return to a time when stolen kisses, football games, and an overbearing parent was normal. But being the most powerful Cuspians—a superpowered subspecies of humans—in America isn’t exactly normal, and that time has passed from their lives forever.

Kennedi has spent her summer training for the inevitable moment when Beau—the Cuspian she loved and then betrayed—returns to kidnap both her and her brother for The Conservatory, an agency desperate to acquire the strongest of their kind at any cost. But Kennedi refuses to be collected like vintage couture. She’s ready to protect the ones she loves most—at whatever cost.

Kendal is fed up with waiting to be attacked for his role in the near-fatal assault that left three of The Conservatory's operatives in bloody pieces. With the threat of vengeance around every corner, he hacks into The Conservatory's database, yielding disastrous results. As new clues into his mother’s death emerge, Kendal must decide just how far he's willing to go to uncover the truth.

Focused on their individual quests, the twins’ attention is divided and their weaknesses are exploited. Every decision they make drives a wedge further between them, and the pair soon realizes something they can never unlearn: the price that comes with power is often too high to pay.

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My Thoughts; Basically, I am a fan! I know I will have to elaborate, but that pretty much sums it up in very few words. I was pretty blown away by the first book in this series. It was everything I love about a good YA paranormal. You can see my review for Cuspian: Book One HERE.

I waited patiently(ish) for this book to come out and jumped in to reading it fairly quickly. It took me a few extra days to read it because, holidays, but once I got the time to sit down I devoured it. At this point in my relationship with these characters I feel comfortable enough to tell them how I was really feeling about them during this book so here goes.

Kendal, why for the love of all that is holy do you not communicate with your sister. I mean you can even be a typical man and just clam up... she will still hear you. Telepathy is a wonderful thing. I was proud of you toward the end of the book but for the first half, my side-eye was on retainer for you. I was literally mumbling to this book while reading. Kendal and Chance's relationship is on a rocky path during this book and it makes for some stressful thoughts from me.

 Kennedi, on the other hand, I was loving on her this time around. Book one had me feeling all kinds of ways. I do have a much easier time getting into her head while reading. #GirlPower. I love the relationship she has with Jacen they really make me laugh. Chance is a little brooding this go round, I have my theories on him but I am a NO SPOILER type of girl so I reserve those for myself and fan-girling with friends *grins*

And last... Daniel, I still hate, no despise, no loathe, abhor, detest you. I find you completely repugnant. That is all.

I wish I could go into more but I do not want to accidentally spoil anything. I will say there are a few twist and turns and one point when I was rejecting everything I was reading, but it turned out okay in the end. I would like to thank DC Hall for not leaving me hanging off the side of a cliff this time but I am going to have to ask you to hurry up with book three *tee hee*. Unless you want to work out some type of chapter by chapter arrangement. I will totally be down with that *winky face*.

If you have not yet began reading this series check out book one in the Cuspian Saga

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