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Review: Never Never by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher


4 Stars

Best friends since they could walk. In love since the age of fourteen. Complete strangers since this morning.
He'll do anything to remember. She'll do anything to forget.

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My Thoughts; I think I will write this review in the same way I feel Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher wrote this book. I am going to just start typing and see what happens, Ok, I am only half kidding, I am sure they had some sort of idea where this is going to end up... eventually. *winky face*

So, I read a post way back when the two of them had began writing this. CoHo had posted on her Facebook page how they were each writing a chapter but the story was unfolding as they went along, sort of like a tennis match, if I understood correctly. At the time I thought, 'Oh I bet that is a fun writing exercise, bet it would be fun to read.' 
 Well fast-forward to this past weekend...

What the &*%@ did I just read? I was so engrossed that I couldn't put it down. Now to try and describe this book.... as you can see I have tagged it with almost everything.

  • Is it a mystery? Yes 
  • Is it paranormal? Ummm, yep. Certainly not normal
  • Romance? Perhaps
  • Thriller? Well yeah
  • Contemporary? Obviously
  • Suspense? Cliffhanger, nuff said.
  • Young Adult? Most definitely. (which is one of my abso fave things)
Needless to say this book is all of the things. 

Now, how do I feel about it? Well when I was reading this book I thought there is so much WTF. Literally... Double U. Teeee. Effff people. I should not have liked it, I was so lost the entire time. Imagine starting a book in the middle. You want to flip back to the beginning and see what happened but YOU CAN'T, and neither can Charlie and Silas. They are just as confused as the reader is, perhaps more. At least the readers can sit there and say... these authors are insane!! The poor characters just have to live in the world that was created for them. Okay, so maybe I should not just type every thought that is coming into my head right now. I do know they aren't real people. *nervous giggle....eye twitch* 
Moving on

   I guess in summary I can say that I gave this book 4 stars because It is written so superbly. The two authors, whose writing styles are so different from one another, meshed their styles together in a way that if I did not know who wrote who's POV, I would be hard pressed to guess.  (Tarryn-Charlie. Coho-Silas). They played so well off of one another's character cues and I have to wonder if they didn't both sit and laugh evil genius style while writing each chapter.
   The cliffhanger, while worthy of a little scream of frustration, was very well placed as far as cliffhangers go, I can see why it was decided to break this into parts VS one longer novel. I was warned, I knew it was coming. So the closer I got to the end I started glancing between the words and the percentage left on my kindle. It still stung.
   All in all I really enjoyed this book, I am anxious for part two and can't wait to see what happens next. I am reserving my 5th Star for when I have seen how this plays out.

Now if you haven't... GO... read it!!! And if you have leave me a comment and tell me what you thought about it.

Never Never: Part Two
Expected publication: May 17th 2015

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  1. OK--I am in total agreement with you...with the exception that I was not totally riveted because I kept saying WTF and where the hell is this going? I cannot fathom how this will play out that will make it believable. I have to admit (taking life in hands here) that I have not always been a huge CoHo fan...I must be one of the few people on earth that did not like Slammed. But, Maybe Someday stole my heart and I loved Ugly Love. Loved The Opportunist series by TF though it was difficult reading.Never Never has me shaking my head and thinking--well, WTF!! As I told Selena as we were texting during our joint read (sorta), I got confused at the start with two male names and kept having to backtrack. I know Charlie was a nickname but I'd damn near 70 years old and must be losing my focus. I thought it well written but so confusing and hard to follow that it's gonna take a damn fine ending to make me go beyond 4 stars.