Monday, June 9, 2014

Series Review: Fever Series (Books 1-5) by Karen Marie Moning

Reading Order

Darkfever Fever Series, Book 1

Fever continues with Dani O'Malley books (will review after reading)

Coming January 2015

*Note that these books are also sometimes referred to as MacKayla Lane Series*

   My thoughts on the series; I read book one of this series a while back as a book club read. For me it was just 'Okay'. I was curious what would happen next but just couldn't get the motivation to read book two. Several of our book club friends are huge fans of this series so I decided I would try out the remainder of the series in audio. The first 3 books in this series are narrated by Joyce Bean. She does a wonderful job, bringing voice to each individual character in a way that almost feels as tho multiple people are reading the story. By the end of book two I was stating to get hooked so I continued. By the end of book three I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I was going to gladly and possibly greedily finish this series.

   That brings me to book four. I began this book like all the others, a quick run and grab at, no regard for synopsis or credits, etc. When the book began I was immediately alarmed. All my nerdy bells and whistles were screaming at me...... the narrator had changed, it was no longer Joyce Bean in my ear it was Natalie Ross. The voices in my head (literally this time) suddenly sounded different, I didn't know if I liked this new voice. Mind you, Natalie Ross is an excellent narrator, I had just become accustomed to another voice. Cue DUAL NARRATION and Phil Gigante as Barrons (as well as all other male characters). This man's voice (especially his JZB voice) made my tummy flip flop, made me contemplate saying "Yes Sir!" on more than one occasion. Needless to say it made the narration change bearable to say the least. I would gladly listen to him read to me all day. But back to the story at hand.

   As book four progressed I knew that the story was taking a little lull, there seemed to be a lot of facts and info being poured into the story but it wasn't so much that I was bothered. I loved the book overall and the ending was so painful. I was extremely happy, in that moment, to have waited to read this series. I could immediately dive into book five with the same audible-click-download routine. Only this time it involved a little nail biting. The beginning of book five was madness, Mac's madness, the world's madness, the madness that lives within the silvers. I couldn't take it, I couldn't stop listening either. I knew what my gut was telling me but all of the evidence on the 'page' was telling me otherwise. My heart was in pieces. And then I was pushed off a cliff of never ending information, it was so much fact and so much back story that the story that was unfolding felt lost. Suddenly, every single question I had throughout the four previous books where all being answered, only there were more questions and more answers happening all at the same time, it was almost to the point of exhaustion. I felt as though I had been listening to the book for hours and hours, when in reality I was barely a fraction of the way in. I started to question why all of the new information had never been hinted about in the earlier books, why I felt like the first four books became almost irrelevant. It was almost as if a whole series of information was crammed right there into the fifth and final installment (MacKayla's books).

   As the book carried on and began to get closer to the end I was once again drawn into the story and the world. I loved the way it all seemed to come together all at once and made way for the future books. (Dani O'Malley; book one Iced). It is probably going to be hard for me to get into and new POV with Dani, but, I loved her. She is a little firecracker and a big ol' ball of awesome. I am going to take a breather from this series for a bit and read some other things I have had shelved. I look forward to seeing what is to come.

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